Opening date pushed back

Thanks to our April snow and cold weather last week, we are pushing back our opening for this year to the 30th. No matter what we think, Mother Nature has the last word. Plants do what they need to do in order to survive. They take these cold setbacks in stride and just hold on for the good weather to return. We have lots of plants that are ready to get the show started and yet many are still holding out for the warmest weather before they wake up. Our Forsythias have already bloomed because of the early warm spell, but the Golden Currants, better known as Clove bush, are just starting to show their fragrant yellow flowers. They should be sending their sweet fragrance through the air on opening day. They go fast with the fragrance doing the sales. As always, get here early for the best picks because some things don’t last long. Hostas are starting to peak out with the pointed fingers poking out of the pots. I have over 30 different varieties potted up and ready to go home with you. Hosta collectors need to show up early and grab some unusual ones that are here. See you all bright and early at 9:00 on the 30th.