Monthly Archives: April 2016

Opening date pushed back

Thanks to our April snow and cold weather last week, we are pushing back our opening for this year to the 30th. No matter what we think, Mother Nature has the last word. Plants do what they need to do in order to survive. They take these cold setbacks in stride and just hold on for the good weather to return. We have lots of plants that are ready to get the show started and yet many are still holding out for the warmest weather before they wake up. Our Forsythias have already bloomed because of the early warm spell, but the Golden Currants, better known as Clove bush, are just starting to show their fragrant yellow flowers. They should be sending their sweet fragrance through the air on opening day. They go fast with the fragrance doing the sales. As always, get here early for the best picks because some things don’t last long. Hostas are starting to peak out with the pointed fingers poking out of the pots. I have over 30 different varieties potted up and ready to go home with you. Hosta collectors need to show up early and grab some unusual ones that are here. See you all bright and early at 9:00 on the 30th.

Save the Date! 2016 Season Opener

Saturday, April 23, 2016 is the date you will want to mark down on your favorite calendar. We are opening up for the 2016 season. Thanks to our very mild winter and warm early spring weather, the plants are waking up early and raring to get going. They are looking for a new home a few weeks earlier then past years. You won’t want to miss that first morning, when the plants make their season debut. Most plants here can be taken home for the rediculously low price of $4.98! There will be lots of varieties to choose from. Spireas, like Bridal Wreath, Goldmound, Goldflame, Flaming Mound, Neon Flash, Anthony Waterer, Little Princess and a few more will be among the favorites. There will also be Potentillas like Goldfinger, Primrose Beauty, Pink Whisper and Makay’s White. Several Weigelas will be joining in on the festivities as well. Red Prince, White Knight, Variegated, Rubidor, Tango, Rumba and more. Looking for evergreens? We have some Arborvitaes, Junipers and False Cypress here as well. Actually, False Cypress are actually golden and shine in the landscape. Perennial plant favorites like Coral Bells, Phlox, Balloon Flowers and others can be bought here as well.

There are over 30 different named varieties of Hostas here that are ONLY $5.98 each, yes JUST $5.98! How about picking some Grape varieties for growing your own right in your own yard. Concord, Niagara, and Elvira Grapes for ONLY $5.98 each. There are also Blueberries here for ONLY $5.98! Bluecrop, Duke, Jersey are some of the options for you to grow your own delicious Blueberries right in your own yard.

There is a large selection to choose from and more will be added throughout the selling season. Large selection doesn’t always mean a large number available though. We will be opening up at 9:00 that Saturday and you don’t want to wait too long. People have already been asking and eagerly awaiting this moment. I don’t like to tell people that they should have been here earlier because they are all sold now. These plants are grown right here in the backyard and when they are gone, they’re gone. No placing an order for the next delivery truck. So we hope to see you here bright and early so you can get those great plants that will make your yard stand out and you can enjoy for years to come.