Monthly Archives: June 2015

Summer season is now here.

Now that summer is finally here, sales from the front yard have ended. All remaining plants, and there weren’t many, have been returned to the backyard in the nursery for easier care and maintenance for the summer. Watering and pruning cane be done much easier when everything is in one place. The plants are still available for sale. We are just selling them directly from the nursery. Feel free to stop on in and check out the selection that is available. Most are still only $4.98 each. We do not keep regular hours during the summer months, so it is best to give us a call to see if we will be here or to set up an appointment at your convenience to see all that is available. The plants and flowers in our yard are really coming into full bloom and it is always a treat to see what some of the plants will grow into and look like in your yard. The hostas are looking really well this year. They seem to be growing large and full this year. We have had ample rain so they are happy. The moisture is also bringing out the slugs to enjoy the hostas as well. Propagation time is getting into full swing, a little behind schedule, but we will get things caught up soon. I tell myself that each year just to make me fell better. It never seems to happen though.

If you have bought plants from us in the past, or even this year, and you haven’t seen the nursery or toured the yard, then plan on stopping in and look around. The bees are enjoying themselves and the butterflies should be increasing soon. The goldfish always like extra people around. That makes more hands available for feeding. They are real suck-ups for visitors.