Monthly Archives: April 2015


We will be kicking off the 2015 Spring Selling Season on Saturday, May 2nd, starting at 9:00 am. The plants are waking up and are raring to go. Selection will not be complete since some plants seem to sleep in longer than others. Some of the early risers are already thinking about flowers. I actually saw a flower on one of the Golden Currants today. Hopefully these will be bursting with their very fragrant yellow flowers in the next couple of weeks. Most people are more familiar with their other name, Clove Bush. These tiny yellow flowers really pack a punch when it comes to fragrance. Several varieties of Spireas are also waking up with their bold and bright colors showing in the new leaves. Hostas are a little more drowsy right now. They are just peeking out from beneath the surface. Once they like what they see, they will be jumping up and putting out some fast new growth. We will be having several new varieties for sale here this year. If you like Hostas and want something different, then you’ll have to stop on in. We have some young Lilacs that will be making an appearance here as well as some Mock Orange. Several perennials will be available like Tall Garden Phlox, Spiderworts, Bee Balm, and Turtleheads. Don’t forget about the Coral Bells, Weigelas, and Potentillas too. Most of this is just $4.98 each

Bring a friend or two and stop on in. There are also some extra special items here like Japanese Maples and “One of a Kind” unique trees. I could tell you all about them but that would spoil the WOW factor when you see these for the first time.