Welcome to my Backyard Blog. This is where I will try to post some plant info and hints from time to time. Hopefully you can find some useful tidbit here.

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Roger Higgins. I am a machinist by trade, running engine lathes everyday. I have been married to my wife, Venice, for over 30 years. We have 2 children, Stacey is married and lives in Erie, and Eric is studying at the University of Pittsburgh. Buddy, our dog and Sammy, our black cat, round out our household.

I am the owner, propagator and chief weed puller of Roger’s Backyard Nursery. I grow hundreds, hundreds and hundreds of plants right here in our backyard, here in “downtown” Cranesville, PA. Nothing large and fancy here. No greenhouses. Everything is perennial. Flowering and evergreen shrubs, hostas, ornamental grasses, coral bells, and flowering plants. All started and grown right here, not trucked in from somewhere else.

Beginning in Spring, late April or early May, we start our retail plant sales. Hundreds of plants are brought up to the front yard for sale. Just about everything is $4.98. Popular varieties sell out fast. Many hesitate and lose out on the ones that they really wanted. People on my mailing list are usually given a heads-up on when something becomes available or a special offer is promoted.

I also do wholesale sales of rooted cuttings and liners. You can contact me about prices and availability of plants.

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